We Remember: 1986 EDSA People Power

Today, thirty four years ago, marks the culmination of the People Power Revolution.


In the wake of the Marcos regime’s violence and electoral fraud, it was “People Power”, an organic civil disobedience movement of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos across the nation – of common citizens with uncommon courage – that forced President Marcos out of power and into exile on the evening of February 25, 1986. 14 years since the start of Martial Rule, democracy and freedom of the press was restored.


The EDSA Revolution would leave behind a legacy that inspired many other movements for democratization across the world including East Germany, South Korea, and Taiwan.

HRVVMC goes to Batangas with Give.PH

Big thanks to Give.PH for giving us the opportunity to be part of this gift giving for students of Batangas.


Statement of Give.PH (Facebook)

“Give.PH helps #BridgeTheGapPH in Taal & Alitagtag


Last February 13, Give.PH completed its efforts for our brothers and sisters affected by the recent Taal eruption 🌋

Thanks to your generosity, the team traveled to Alitagtag and Taal, Batangas, where children and teachers were provided with their basic needs to keep them healthy and in-school, especially now that they are recovering from what happened.


All in-kind donations received were also turned over to the LGUs, with evacuees still living in the government centers as their homes were heavily damaged by earthquakes that accompanied the eruption 📦


Give.PH had the privilege of speaking to the teachers, students, and evacuees that day, and one message that remained clear through it all was the message of hope – hope for a better future ☀️


We would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who helped us #BridgeTheGapPH in #BangonBatangas”

Liway Film Showing: University of Pangasinan

The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC) partnered with the PHINMA-University of Pangasinan for the film showing of “Liway” by Direk Kip Oebanda. This was a film about a child who grew up in prison because his parents were caught by the government for fighting against Martial Law.


The event was graced by the presence of Ms. Ma. Cecil Oebanda (the real life Commander Liway) and Kenken Nuyad (the actor who portrayed Dakip in the film). Aside from the students and faculty of PHINMA-University of Pangasinan, students from Judge Jose De Venecia Sr. Memorial National Highschool also attended the film showing.

Photo Credit: Jairus Bien Fernandez Sibayan

TIPAR: Tipanan ng mga Rights Advocates

The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission celebrated its Office Blessing last November 27, 2019. This office blessing is a symbol of the agency’s full commitment in its mandate. After a time of preparatory work, the agency is now equipped with people, resources, and office space.


Our celebration of this milestone welcomed the presence of fellow human rights advocates and the people who were part of the early stages of the agency.

The story of Porferio Resuelo Econas

The story of Porferio Resuelo Econas, a human rights violations victim during Martial Law Era (1972-1986)


One gloomy evening on November 13, 1977, the body of Manong Res lies dead under a coconut tree. It took the whole night before witnesses were able to see him. The neighbors heard series of gunshots that night, but they did not dare to check what was happening out of fear. The next morning, a group of policemen were at the scene, staring at the dead body of Manong Res, claiming victory for killing an alleged member of the New People’s Army (NPA). However, the night that he was killed, Manong Res’ only agenda was to wait for his friend who climbed a coconut tree. The said friend was also not spared by the killers.


Porferio Resuelo Econas
(September 15, 1937 – November 13, 1977)


[DISCLAIMER: The information on this incident were gathered from approved reparations under R.A. 10368.]


Tacbil Mosque Palimbang Massacre Reader Launch in Davao

The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC) and Sultan Kudarat State University (SKSU) released a reader on the gathered resource materials on Tacbil Mosque Palimbang Massacre.


Produced by the joint effort of HRVVMC and SKSU, with the assistance of staff from the University of the Philippines – Diliman Department of History and resources provided by the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process and the Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Commission, this summarized reader Includes passages of news articles and books, affidavits and interview testimonies of identified survivors of the incident.


The event was attended by members of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority Parliament, Sultan Kudarat State University administrators and faculty, residents of the municipality of Palimbang, Tacbil family representatives, and members of the academe. This is just one of the efforts of the Human Rights Violations Victims Memorial Commission to fulfill its mandate in memorializing the atrocities during Martial Law.

Bangsamoro Writeshop 2019: Building a Foundation for Transitional Justice and Reconciliation

The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission in partnership with the office of MP Jose Iribani Lorena conducted a 2 day writeshop with members of Bangsamoro Parliment and their staff to discuss Transitional Justice and Reconciliation. The two day program produced fruitful discussion and promising output from the participants. HRVVMC is looking forward to witness the development of this initiative for our brothers and sisters in Bangsamoro.

The Story of Manolo Hollero

The story of Manolo Hollero, an activist and human rights violations victim during Martial Law (1972-1986).

Manolo Jubelag Hollero was a college student at Philippine School of Business and Administration when he joined a militant movement that focuses in conducting demonstration and rallies against the Marcos Administration in protest of tuition fee increases and oil price hikes.

During Martial Law, he went home to Iloilo city and continued his protests.

Sometime in July 1974, he was arrested by the members of the Philippine Constabulary (PC) at the Molo Plaza. He was threatened, tortured, and detained for seven months at Camp Delgado in Iloilo City.

After his release, he left Iloilo City and continued helping the local people in the area of Central Panay.

November 03, 1977, he was again tortured and eventually killed by the military after an ambush. On November 05, 1977, Manolo’s body was recovered with stab wounds and broken arms and limbs. His remains were brought directly to Jaro, Iloilo City.

[DISCLAIMER: The information on this incident were gathered from approved reparations under R.A. 10368.]

Liway Film Showing: Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan

The film LIWAY was greatly appreciated by the grade school students of Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. As part of our mandate to educate our learners about Martial Law, we are delighted to see these young learners understand the lessons that the film presented.

Starting them young and aware is the best way to go.

KenKen Nuyad joins in the Liway Film Showing at Cagayan De Oro College

We would like to sincerely thank Kenken Nuyad for taking the time to join us in the film showing of Liway at Cagayan De Oro College – Phinma Education Network and Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. You are an inspiration to many young people. We wish you more success in your acting career. We hope that more young people will continue the fight for a just and humane society like what you are doing. Mabuhay ka Kenken!

As part of our Educational Outreach Activity, Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan and Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on partnership and collaboration for education and research on Martial Law.

Photo Credit: Ms. Iana Edrianne Manla Awayan

The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC) partnered with the Cagayan De Oro College – Phinma Education Networkfor the film showing of “Liway” by Direk Kip Oebanda. This was a film about a child who grew up in prison because his parents were caught by the government for fighting against Martial Law.

The film showing was attended by students and faculty from Cagayan De Oro College – Phinma Education Network. Also present during the film showing was Kenken Nuyad himself, the actor who portrayed the son of Commander Liway or also known as Dakip in the film. He is also popular for his role in the teleserye “Ang Probinsyano”.

Kenken’s enthusiasm and commitment beyond his role in the film reminds us that indeed, as our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal once said, “Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Bayan”.

Training-Workshop on Oral Historiography: Samar State University

The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission and Samar State University hosted a Training Workshop on Oral Historiography at Catbalogan, Samar last September 10-12, 2019. 

The workshop provided foundational and essential learning in Oral Historiography Methodology. The participants probed the application of these learning on research relating to the Martial Law Period, specifically with the abuses committed in Samar.

Necrological Service for Senator Nene Pimentel

The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission paid our respects at the Necrological rites for Sen. Nene Pimentel in the Senate of the Philippines. We continue to honor his life’s work for our country’s freedom and democracy. MemCom extends our deepest condolences to Sen. Koko, Commissioner Gwen, and the whole Pimentel family.

May Sen. Nene’s life continue to be a reminder that public service is a life of dignity and integrity.

Paalam, Senator Nene

The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC) is in grief with the loss of a noble man, Senator Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel, Jr. He was a genuine public servant who dedicated his life for the Filipino people. In his accomplished career, he did not mind the challenges and criticisms that came along the work he was doings as Minister of Local Government and Legislator. Sen. Nene fought against the Martial Law atrocities despite the consequences. Imprisoned four times, he remained fearless and committed to the fight for freedom and democracy.


In the recent engagement of Sen. Nene with HRVVMC’s Executive Director, Mr. Chuck Crisanto, he shared that he looked forward to going to the Freedom Memorial Museum’s inauguration. We are saddened that he will not be able to grace us with his presence on the inauguration of the museum, but we will hold on to his legacy of courage and dedication in fulfilling the mandate to memorialize the human rights violations victims of Martial Law Era. 

As we continue with our work and mandate, Sen. Nene’s life will serve as an inspiration that the road to freedom may not be easy, especially when up against the forces of power, but the fight is definitely worth fighting for.


Maraming salamat Sen. Nene sa iniwan ninyong mga ala-ala ng katapangan para sa kalayaan at demokrasya.



Almost 4 decades ago, the AVSECOM (Aviation Security Command) van was used to transport the assassinated body of the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino at the tarmac of then Manila International Airport, now Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA.


Years later, the AVSECOM van was found dilapidated and vandalized until it was turned over to MemCom (Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission).




The “Fall of Brutal” the winner of the Freedom Memorial Design Competition.


Mark Anthony Pait
Mark Angelo Bonita
Wendell Crispo

The FREEDOM MEMORIAL NIGHT at the National Museum 

Announcing the winner of the Freedom Memorial Design Competition.


of the Freedom Museum 

Design Competition


Top 5 Grand Finalist judging by the Memorial Commission of the Design for the FREEDOM MEMORIAL that will rise in UP Diliman Campus to remember the Struggle of the People Against the Marcos Dictatorship… if all goes well, groundbreaking could begin by Human Rights Day 2019… Pls Pray For Prudence, Wisdom, & Inspiration to guide the jurors as they hear the final pitch from the wonderful people who put their heart & soul to conceptualizing an iconic testament to the filipino spirit’s desire for freedom, democracy, & human right! 









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