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Finalist 2

A people’s collective history is constantly challenged by apathy, revisionist history and disinformation. By recognizing and memorializing painful histories as narratives of struggle, solidarity and freedom, they represent healing and hope for the future. The proposed design concept for the Freedom Memorial Museum draws inspiration from the concept of transitional justice, which looks to judicial and non-judicial measures to redress legacies of human rights abuses in order to rebuild social trust and further advance democratic and peaceful futures.

The role of public memory or the commemoration of the suffering of victims of human rights abuses and scars of political repression is an important component of transitional justice. The project specifically proposes that through a museum, a society can effectively articulate the experiences of individuals, groups, and the Filipino people through the turbulent period from 1971 to 1986 Philippines marked by political repression, Martial Law, and human rights abused during the Marcos regime. By means of a publicly accessible assemblage of galleries featuring art, artifacts, and narratives on the period, a museum as a non-judicial but culturally significant mechanism and institution can establish a heritage that recognizes and redressess past injustices is crucial to a nation’s future.

Designed by

Joselito Gutierrez
Abdulmari Imao Jr.
Gabriel Ortega
Mari Francesca Lorica

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