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Finalist 4

The best way to remember the lesson of the past is to experience it and the best way to predict the future is to create it. More than just informing the mind, the Freedom Memorial Museum designed environment has two main objectives- to develop empathy to the past and give inspiration to the present and future Filipinos and humanity.

To develop empathy, the design aims to recreate the emotions and feelings of the victims within each Freedom Memorial Museum expectator. Spaces of exterior and interior are designed to give nostalgia, familiarity of events, and discomfort. This is done thru the use of forms, colors, textures, scale and proportion of spaces. At the west side entrance, expectators shall pass through a narrowing valley leading to the lower ground lobby to start the feeling of discomfort. They will be greeted by a 70’s brutalist style huge monolith structure acting as a canopy of the building entrance. On its ceiling, a 3D mural is mounted picturing the suffering and deaths of victims during the authoritarian rule. Instead of a welcoming glass walls, expectators then have to go through cluster of round bars depicting as jail cell bars- having to experience entering a cage. The far-from-norm experience will change the behaviour of people coming in the Freedom Memorial Museum.

Designed by

Mark Anthony Pait
Mark Angelo Bonita
Wendell Crispo

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