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Finalist 5

The approach to the design was from an experiential point of view. We strongly believe that this is not just an issue about basic design requirements of functionality and aesthetics. The real issue is how do you make people who know nothing of the past understand it and keep the lessons, in order to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

In order to achieve this, we must make the people empathetic to the conditions of the past. Our proposal is to curate an experience using symbolisms and design elements to evoke strong emotions. It is also emphasised that the focus is to not only evoke a remembrance of a particular period in history, but to evoke universal emotions generated around the central theme of freedom- loss, despair, and the hope of regaining it again.

Designed by

Joel Anthony Ong
Melissa Mateo-Laudes
Jay-Ar Esclabanan
Bern James Gallego
Christian Arnold La Guardia

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