Registrants attend the Competition Forum and Site Tour

Last April 15, 2019 at the Plenary Hall of the U.P. Fine Arts Gallery Building, design competition registrants came for the Competition Forum and Site Tour despite the April summer heat. Almost 110 registrants were present to hear out the competition briefing and see for themselves the museum site where The Freedom Memorial Museum will rise.

Marian Pastor Roces with MemCom ED Chuck Crisanto posing at The Freedom Memorial Museum Site Marker

The event started with MemCom’s Executive Director Chuck Crisanto welcoming the registrants and thanking them for joining the design competition and for coming to the forum and site tour. It was followed by an inspirational talk from Ms. Marian Pastor Roces, member of the Stage I Jury, about the importance of the design competition not only to the architecture community but to the whole Filipino community as well. The design briefing by Atty. Rachelle P. Ki, design competition secretariat member, followed after. She discussed the process of the Stage I phase of the competition while ED Chuck Crisanto explained further the Stage II process. After the briefing, the open forum ensued. Questions were asked regarding the site specifications and boundaries, the role of the winning design’s architect in the construction of the museum, the galleries, the items that will be housed in the galleries and etc. Before the registrants were led and shown to the site, they first had a short break wherein they had the chance to eat, rest, and socialize with the other registrants.

The Plenary Hall was jam-packed with registrants who attended the Competition Forum and Site Tour

Under the 4:30 pm heat, registrants were led to the site. Currently, the Campus Maintenance Office of U.P. Diliman is still residing in the site but they will be relocated within this year to give way to the museum’s construction. The access road and boundaries were shown to them with the help of MemCom’s moving location pin.

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FREEDOM MEMORIAL MUSEUM- For Generation X, Millennials and ‘Post-Millennials’

written by: Aurora Parong

Soon to rise in the Philippines is the Freedom Memorial Museum 72-86.  This will be located at the University of the Philippines, Diliman campus, in Quezon City at a 1.4 hectares land.

The Freedom Memorial Museum will honor the victims of gross human rights violations during martial law under the Marcos regime so that their sufferings and sacrifices will not be forgotten, as provided by Republic Act 10368. The lost days and years, the lost properties and livelihood, the lost lives and disappearances without trace during those dark period in the history of the Filipino nation, will be remembered so that those losses would not have been in vain. The Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB) approved the recognition and reparation of 11, 103 victims of abuses, pursuant to RA 10368.  

The Freedom Memorial Museum will memorialize the heroism of the peoples of the Philippines who struggled with courage and bravery, despite difficulties, against authoritarianism to achieve freedom, human rights and democracy. Men and women of various ages, with a concentration of those whose ages range from 18-30 years, fought relentlessly against the dictatorship. The solidarity of individuals and other peoples in various parts of the world to the Filipino people boosted their morale and strength to continuously take action for several years to oust a dictator. Actions of other States and United Nations human rights bodies helped expose the horrific realities in 1972-1986.

The Museum will also enshrine essential truths about martial law under the Marcos regime so that peoples of different generations will learn lessons relevant to ensure that freedom, human rights and democracy are defended and nurtured. It will show that when democratic institutions are weakened and/or controlled by one persons, the peoples will suffer the negative consequences from the hands of State agents. The Museum will showcase that martial law was declared in 1972 by President Ferdinand E. Marcos Jr., as planned in the 1970s, to perpetuate himself in power because he was not allowed by the 1935 Philippine Constitution to have himself re-elected as President. It will show the destruction of democratic institutions to give way to authoritarian rule which resulted to gross human rights violations. It will house evidences about the decline in the economy and how the Marcos family and their cronies plundered the wealth of the Philippines for more than 13 years.

In addition, the Library housed in the Museum building will have books, archives and stories of victims and survivors of human rights violations which may be accessed by students and professors of history, governance, political science and law as well as the general public. There will be a space  for inter-actions of survivors of martial law 72-86 with peoples who visit the Freedom Memorial Museum and discuss lessons learned from the experience of 72- 86.  Memorabilia from that phase in the history of the Philippines maybe bought at the Museum store.

The Freedom Memorial Museum on Martial law 72-86 will be established, managed and enhanced by the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC).

“The powers and functions of the Commission shall be assumed by the Board of Trustees which shall be composed of the following; Chairperson of the CHR as Chairperson; Chairperson of the National Historical Commission as Co-Chairperson; and Chairpersons of the CHED, the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the Secretary of the Department of Education and the Head of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Main Library, as members”, pursuant to Section 27 of RA 10368.

It is ON!

The Freedom Memorial Museum Design Competition was featured in the Lifestyle section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer issue last April 05,2019. The ad came out on the day the competition officially started. Interested competitors may now register and send in their inquiries thru the website or by e-mailing [email protected].

Jurors meet for The Freedom Memorial Museum Design Competition

From Left to Right: Jose Antonio Bimbao, Ibba Rasul Bernardo, Becca Rellosa (for UAP), Lilia de Jesus, Julie Lluch, Ester Isberto, MemCom ED Chuck Crisanto and Sen. Francis Escudero
MemCom ED Chuck Crisanto, who is also the Design Competition Secretariat Head, moderated the jurors’ meeting
Juror’s Kit

Last April 03, 2019 at the U.P. Diliman Fine Arts Gallery Building Conference Room, the Stage I jurors of The Freedom Memorial Museum Design Competition met to discuss the details of their plan of action for the Stage I phase of the design competition.

Before the meeting officially started, the jurors first toured the site where The Freedom Memorial Museum will rise. It was conveniently located directly beside the F.A. Gallery Building so the jurors had no trouble visiting it.

After the site tour, the jurors proceeded with the meeting. In Stage I, the presentation boards that will be submitted by the registrants will be displayed before the jury anonymously. The jury will then evaluate and decide the top five (5) finalists who will move on to the next stage.

To see the complete list of jurors and to know them better, you may visit the Jury Page .

Design Competition for the Freedom Memorial Museum Declared Open

written by: Aurora Parong

The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC) announced the official start of the design competition for the Freedom Memorial Museum at Max’s Scout Tuazon, Quezon City.

The HRVVMC is mandated to establish and maintain a museum and library on martial law (1972-1986) by virtue of Republic Act 10368 of 2013 (The Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013). Aside from managing the museum, the Commission is mandated to establish, restore, preserve, and conserve a memorial/ library/ compendium in honor of the human rights violation victims during the Marcos regime.

Carmelo Victor Crisanto, the Executive Director of the HRVVMC said that “The Freedom Memorial Museum should capture the struggles of the Filipino people for freedom, human rights and democracy during the Martial Law period from 1972-1986.” He added, “There are a million reasons why our Filipino engineers and architects should join the competition. First, they will have a spot in history as the designer of the Museum. Although not everyone will be entitled to the monetary prize, the museum will showcase the entries that will be submitted. This will be their chance to showcase their talents and present the very best of Filipino architectural design.” 

Ms. Ester Isberto, a victim of arbitrary detention during martial law and also a juror in the design competition, emphasized that those victims who suffered from the hands of State agents during martial law must be remembered by establishing a museum before people can move on. Dr. Aurora Corazon Parong, a former member of the Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB) informed that the documents of 11, 103 victims of martial law abuses will be housed by the Freedom Memorial Museum. The documents are evidences of the sufferings as well as the courage and resistance of the peoples who fought against authoritarian rule and thus considered heroes who can serve as role models for the millennials and future generations.

Chuck Crisanto also informed that the essential truths about what happened during the period will be showcased in the museum so that relevant lessons maybe learned and used in preserving freedom and democracy. He also elaborated that the HRVVMC is already training teachers about the truths on martial law (72-86) so that these can be taught in public and private schools.

Entries for the museum design will be accepted from April 5 to May 15, 2019. Any Filipino architect and civil engineer may join. The museum will be located inside the campus of the University of the Philippines- Diliman, along C.P. Garcia Ave. adjacent to the College of Fine Arts. The competition has two stages: selection of the top five entries and each proponent will receive P250,000 each. The second stage will be the selection of the best design with full architectural perspectives and the winner will receive P1M.

For more information, please visit: or the facebook page of

Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission 

Freedom Memorial Museum to rise on UP Diliman grounds